Juggling motherhood's day to day surprises and loving it!

Extending Mother’s Day Celebration through Books

Mother’s Day has passed, but in our household we’ve decided to prolong the celebration by reading books about Mothers for the entire week.

Here are the books we’ll be reading and rowing  this week:


We start with some nursery rhymes from the beloved Mother Goose collection!


More nursery rhymes here, as this one’s the original.


This exceptional board-book tells a beautiful and timeless story about a daughter’s attempt to find the limit of her mother’s love.


Love You Forever is a story about a mother’s continual love for her son as he goes through different stages in life. “I love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be. ” Definitely a favorite of ours!


This book is about a baby bird that embarks on a journey to find his mother after hatching form his egg. He goes from animal to animal to object to object and wonders if he’ll ever find his mother! Eventually, in the end, he is returned to his nest where he finds his mother.


A Chair for My Mother is a story about a family and their community working together to meet a need. Various acts of caring are shown in the book, it also shows how a mother sacrifices in order to provide for her child’s needs.


A mother rabbit tells of the lengths she will go to find her baby, who threatens to run away. Unconditional love at its finest!

I’m sure there are a lot more books out there discussing mothers and their unconditional love for their loved ones.

Have a wonderful week ahead! God bless!


Reasons Why We Homeschool

Homeschooling is slowly being recognized here in the Philippines. A growing number of Filipino families now see the benefits and decide to take on the journey…just like we did.

So why did we decide to venture into homeschooling? Our reasons are fairly simple.

1. We want our kids to enjoy their childhood. 

Childhood has become a race nowadays. It seems as if children should keep up with what society demands from them. We don’t want our children to fall into the trap of following what society dictates they should be doing.



We don’t want to rush, we want to take it slow. We want our children to run and play and sing and dance and just do nothing. We will just let them be. We want them to just be kids and enjoy the gift of childhood.

2.  We like the freedom to choose what and when to teach our kids.

We like the freedom and flexibility homeschooling offers as this helps us customize learning to best suit our children’s interests and needs. We get to choose materials most suited to each of our kids learning styles and adjust lessons to match the child’s pace.



Don’t we all want our kids to develop a love for learning? We believe that the best way to achieve this is to let them learn what matters to them.   Learning with meaning, learning what matters. 

3. We want to nurture and develop healthy and closer relationships.

Homeschooling allows us the gift of time. The time to be present during their formative years. The time to share values and beliefs early on, guiding them in understanding right from wrong.

Time spent together learning and having fun is what we want our kids to remember when they grow old.  We want them to look back and know that their parents were always present in their lives.

Homeschooling has many other benefits, this for us are the top reasons that made us eventually jump in and tread on this road less traveled.

How about you? What are your reasons?

Emergency fund? Open a BPI Direct Savings Account

Money has been tight last year.

I never really understood the importance of having  financial aids or tools in place, until my Father passed away and I was stuck in debt.

Now I know better.


image from freedigitalphotos.net

 I plan on managing my  finances more effectively this  2014 and what better way to  start it than by building an  emergency fund.

An  emergency fund is 3-6 months worth of income  to cover basic  living expenses just in case  something unexpected  happens.

The problem is by the time we get our salary we almost, always end up with no money left for savings.

Income – Expenses = Savings

We should really pay ourselves first and I’m not referring to buying the latest gadgets or shopping for clothes and shoes. Let us invest in our future and let us start by building our savings.

 Income – Savings = Expenses

The next time we get our salaries, let us automatically deduct money for savings and whatever remains would be for our living expenses.

image from BPI website

Good thing there’s BPI Direct Save-Up, an online savings account that automatically deducts money from your existing ATM based savings  account.

You can choose how much money will automatically be transferred (minimum of P250) and when it will do so. An added feature is that you also get a free life insurance from Ayala life (amount depends on your account balance).

How to:

1. You must have a BPI Savings account and enroll it online at www.bpiexpressonline.com

2. Once enrolled, open up a BPI Direct Savings Account. Log in to your BPI express online account, go to My Portfolio > Open New Accounts > Deposit > BPI Direct Save Up Account.

3.  Enter the amount you want to transfer, indicate the source account (where funds will come from) , choose the frequency of transfers (once a week, every other week, once a month, twice a month). Click submit.

4. An Info card will be mailed to you which serves as proof that you are enrolled with BPI-Save Up Savings + Insurance.

5.  If you need to use the funds, just log in to your online account and  transfer the funds from your BPI Save Up to your source account.

Everything can be conveniently done online, and once enrolled, transfers will be automatically done. I just love this product!

If you like to open one yourself, just go to bpiexpressonline.com for more information.

How it all came to be: My WAHM journey

  I’ve always pictured myself as a        career woman. I used to think that I  can never be,  just at home, it’ll kill  me! Well, that is, until I became a  mother.

It’s just amazing how motherhood  can simply change all the pre-  planned notions or dreams that we  have for ourselves.

When my second child was born, I knew I had to quit teaching to search for greener pastures. It’s a sad fact here in our country, teachers just don’t get the pay they deserve.  No wonder why most prefer to teach abroad.

Going abroad, was not an option for me though. I can never leave my kids. No. Good thing there was another option, that is, working in the BPO Industry.

So there, I became a call center agent. I was just lucky to be able to handle financial accounts, which really offer huge pay.

Everyone thinks that being a call center agent was easy and that you just need to be good in English. Well,  that’s not really the case.  Problem solving and analytical skills are of priority as well. Plus , you must really be patient because call center agents get yelled and cursed a lot.  It’s a very dynamic and  challenging environment, at the same time,  toxic and stressful and this is why, call center hoppers were born.

Call center hoppers are those who stay with a company for a few months to a year, then move on to another company. Some would just wait for the signing bonus, some, for the 13th month pay. The stress level is just too much sometimes.  Now you know, why call center companies are always hiring!

This really just goes to show, that high paying jobs does not really equate to job satisfaction or employee fulfillment.

And I felt that. I see myself just waiting for the 15th and 30th of the month, but during the course of waiting for the pay day, I was just  always stressed and  gloomy. So gloomy it affected how I interact with my kids and husband.

This is my breakthrough moment. I just realized I needed to prioritize my relationship with my loved ones and not be blinded by the the huge bucks I get from my oh so stressful job.

So then, I started looking for work from home jobs. I learned about Odesk, Elance and Freelancer, of these , I focused on Odesk.

I created my Odesk profile, took some test to validate my skills, etc.  All these, I did while I was still working.

I almost forgot about it until after 6 months, I got an invitation for interview by a client from Odesk. I was just so happy, that I rendered my resignation right away. It’s a leap of faith, something I believed in, that even though there was no assurance that I would get the job, I took the risk. And thank God, I was hired!

I got what I wanted. A chance to earn without leaving my children.  A chance to see them explore and grow but yet still be able to provide for them.

A year and half passed, and I’m still working for this client plus I got another home-based job- teaching English online.

The time and opportunity I had to work from home, also opened me to the idea of homeschooling.

It’s just like everything fell in it’s right place. I get to be hands on with raising and educating my kids by homeschooling them; and I get to earn at the comforts of my own home.

So don’t be afraid to take risks, take that leap, go outside your comfort zone.

They say you just have to love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life… to this, I agree 100%.

God bless!