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It’s been 5 months…but now I’m back. ūüôā
What happened during those months? A lot. We moved twice, youngest got hospitalized, hubby got scammed, changed jobs…you get the picture. Thankfully, by God’s grace we made it through.
Special thanks also to all our friends who helped and understood our circumstances. Life’s troubles are indeed lighter when shared with another.
If there’s one word to describe how my 2014 had been, it would be about being GRATEFUL.
2014 had shown me things and had put me through situations I’ve never been before and made me re-evaluate what truly matters in life.
2014 made me see things I often take for granted thus making me appreciate more.
So for 2015 I vow to remain GRATEFUL at all times and also be PRESENT.¬†¬†Start appreciating what’s in front of me and let go of the past¬†for today is the only reality I¬†have.
May we all have a wonderful year ahead. God bless everyone!

¬† I’ve always pictured myself as a ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†career woman. I used to think that I ¬†can never be, ¬†just at home, it’ll kill ¬†me! Well, that is, until I became a ¬†mother.

It’s just amazing how motherhood ¬†can simply change all the pre- ¬†planned notions or dreams that we ¬†have for ourselves.

When my second child was born, I knew I had to quit teaching to search for greener pastures. It’s a sad fact here in our country, teachers just don’t get the pay they deserve. ¬†No wonder why most prefer to teach abroad.

Going abroad, was not an option for me though. I can never leave my kids. No. Good thing there was another option, that is, working in the BPO Industry.

So there, I became a call center agent. I was just lucky to be able to handle financial accounts, which really offer huge pay.

Everyone thinks that being a call center agent was easy and that you just need to be good in English. Well, ¬†that’s not really the case. ¬†Problem solving and analytical skills are of priority as well. Plus , you must really be patient because call center agents get yelled and cursed a lot. ¬†It’s a very dynamic and ¬†challenging environment, at the same time, ¬†toxic and stressful and this is why, call center hoppers were born.

Call center hoppers are those who stay with a company for a few months to a year, then move on to another company. Some would just wait for the signing bonus, some, for the 13th month pay. The stress level is just too much sometimes.  Now you know, why call center companies are always hiring!

This really just goes to show, that high paying jobs does not really equate to job satisfaction or employee fulfillment.

And I felt that. I see myself just waiting for the 15th and 30th of the month, but during the course of waiting for the pay day, I was just  always stressed and  gloomy. So gloomy it affected how I interact with my kids and husband.

This is my breakthrough moment. I just realized I needed to prioritize my relationship with my loved ones and not be blinded by the the huge bucks I get from my oh so stressful job.

So then, I started looking for work from home jobs. I learned about Odesk, Elance and Freelancer, of these , I focused on Odesk.

I created my Odesk profile, took some test to validate my skills, etc.  All these, I did while I was still working.

I almost forgot about it until after 6 months, I got an invitation for interview by a client from Odesk. I was just so happy, that I rendered my resignation right away. It’s a leap of faith, something I believed in, that even though there was no assurance that I would get the job, I took the risk. And thank God, I was hired!

I got what I wanted. A chance to earn without leaving my children.  A chance to see them explore and grow but yet still be able to provide for them.

A year and half passed, and I’m still working for this client plus I got another home-based job- teaching English online.

The time and opportunity I had to work from home, also opened me to the idea of homeschooling.

It’s just like everything fell in it’s right place. I get to be hands on with raising and educating my kids by homeschooling them; and I get to earn at the comforts of my own home.

So don’t be afraid to take risks, take that leap, go outside your comfort zone.

They say you just have to love what you do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life… to this, I agree 100%.

God bless!

For the past few days I’ve been constantly re-organizing my plans for our homeschool. Well, we’re not formally enrolled ¬†with any provider nor are we using any boxed curriculum. I just feel like I have to get everything organized ¬†for me to feel accomplished at the end of the day.

You see, with the passing of my Father, our schedule have been in chaos lately. ¬†We haven’t done any writing/ tracing activities, no letter of the week craft, and we’ve been stuck with lesson 14 in the book ‘Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons’. I just feel I’m not doing enough.


So I started reading blogs again, downloading free ebooks and kindle stuff. Seems like, I’ve researched and downloaded too much. I kept on hoarding information but I haven’t actually used or implemented anything. I kept planning and planning but then I kept on revising it as soon as¬†¬†I stumble upon a better option. You can just imagine how many revisions I’ve made with all the blogs I’ve read!

Seriously though, I need to take a breather. I need to relax. How old are my kids anyways? Well, I have a 7 month old baby, a 3 year old and a 4 year old. They’re just kids, so I really just need to let them be.

All the pre-school packs and free activity sheets seem promising. But will my kids enjoy them? Or am I in love with the idea that if others are using and enjoying them, my kids will too?

There are times I really pressure my kids especially my son, to do “school” e.g. letter tracing and phonics readers. I pressure myself too much and the kids are the receivers of the not-so-good side of my stressed self. I end up yelling at them for not doing what I expected of them, and this results to them feeling inadequate and scared.

This is just so bad. I feel bad. This has got to stop!

Just today I realized that I should stop on trying to imitate what others are doing and using in their homeschool. Every family is different. Every child is unique. So even though all the freebies on the web are so tempting to use and download, it doesn’t automatically mean that I have to use it.

So what do I do? I stay in the moment. Be with my kids. Observe what genuinely interests them and work around that. This may mean putting off our phonics lessons for later and holding off our writing worksheets, but it’s ok. Will get back to them once they’re ready or when the need arises, whichever comes first.


 I do believe that with the formative years, late is better than early. They will learn when they are ready to learn. For now, what matters is that learning should be fun and meaningful for them.

In addition, I do need to focus more on character development and heart training. Once I’ve been successful in instilling in them the right values and attitudes, academic instructions will be less of a challenge.

So now, I’ve ditched everything but will stick to some basics like reading time, nature walks and self care. I’ve read somewhere that when in doubt, all we have to do is read to our children. Read the bible. Read books and add a few crafts or hands on activities once in a while. Listen to music or audio books. Paint. Sing. Dance. Hug and kiss. ¬†Make most of what’s in front of me and think of creative fun ways to learn something from it.


Just follow the child’s lead. Guide when necessary. Pray.

So much for 2012. We moved 5 times. I landed my first ever work at home jobs where I get to choose the hours I want to work. Had the gift of bringing another life into this world with the birth of my third child. Experienced loss with the unexpected death of my Father.

I was caught off guard. I had to think straight ans not let my emotions eat me out. I had people depending on me. The pain and anger I kept inside was excruciating, but even If I give in to my emotions, nothing will really happen. The fact remains: my “Papa’s” gone.

It was a test of faith, really. I somehow managed to go through it all because I chose to believe in his plans. He chose to end my Father’s sufferings on a very special day: Christmas. My father won’t be forgotten but will always be remembered. As I celebrate the next Christmases to come, I’ll ¬†know in my heart that my father is now living in peace in God’s kingdom.

This experience opened my eyes to how precious life is. It’s a gift. Let us also not let anyone else run our lives for us. Let’s live our lives not impressing others, but instead impressing ourselves and the Lord. Let’s find our own definition of happiness.

Once we’ve found the way of life we want to live, let’s pray to be able to sustain the courage needed to live it.

We only have one life to live, let’s not waste it. We better live it in a way that’s pleasing to God.

Here’s to great blessings and a more meaningful new year!