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Have little ones at home? Wondering how you’ll effectively and productively respond to their outburst of energy and curiosity?

Worry no more for the awesome folks at the Learning Basket have come up with the perfect workshop to solve your dilemma!

Attend their workshop entitled You are Your Child’s First and Best Teacher to be held on June 14, Saturday from 9:00- 11:30 a .m. at the Medela House QC.


Now what can you expect from this workshop? Below are the details from their website:

Through the talk and activities:

  • Learn about the mindset of being your child’s teacher from birth
  • Learn about the basics of early childhood development
  • Get some practical tips and examples about early childhood “issues”

The learning fee is P300 per person and P500 per couple (real couples only). The fee also includes handouts and snacks!

For a very affordable learning fee you get valuable information that will equip you in deciding what and how to approach learning with your children. More importantly, you’ll feel confident in the fact that you are, indeed, your child’s first and best teacher!

Interested to join this seminar? Join the fun and go over to their website to register.



We all know the benefits or reading. Do a simple search on the internet regarding reading to children and you’ll  be swamped with information regarding the matter.

I myself, started reading to my kids even while they were still in my tummy. Start them young and you’ll reap the benefits as you go along. My kids have such great appetite for books now and it’s all because of the exposure they had early on.

Our read-alouds happen at various times of the day, but one sure time that we never miss is bedtime! Below are the most recent books that we read before going to bed.


My children love the adventurous spirit of the Gruffalo’s child as she creeps off to find the Big Bad Mouse on a cold winter’s night, and with excellent images to accompany the tale they instantly warm to the character.


A definite favorite!

A definite favorite! It has been our routine to re-enact the scenes in the story where the mother rocks her baby in her arms and it’s so much fun! At the end, my eldest (6) cuddles me in his arms and sings back the song to me–definitely a bedtime ritual that will be etched in our memories and will be treasured forever.



My kids definitely dig the story of Max’s adventures when he sails away to the land where the Wild Things are. I love that the illustrations are dreamlike, the writing style simple, yet imaginative. Indeed a timeless classic; a book to be read and re-read every night of the week, a book to be enjoyed and cherished.



This book is a favorite of my youngest (2 yrs old). The book shows wonderful illustrations of animals and their young saying goodnight to each other. We use the stuffed animals we have available in our story-telling and mimic the sounds they make.



My toddler loves to say “Grrrrr!” The rhymes are very appealing to kids that my 2 older kids especially love to read in chorus- “Little octopus is wrapped in arms, not one not two but eight!” and my toddler would join and say “Otopus!” We always end up laughing and giggling with this book, something which my kids would not let go of for a very long time.



A great way to review counting skills even at bedtime. Count till you drop!


Who doesn’t have a copy of this book, right? Simple, fun story in poem format. Once this book is read, my kids know that It’s really time for bed-lights out!


These books have been part of my children’s bedtime routine and by the time we’re finished reading all of them, you bet we’re all ready for a good night’s sleep!


Mother’s Day has passed, but in our household we’ve decided to prolong the celebration by reading books about Mothers for the entire week.

Here are the books we’ll be reading and rowing  this week:


We start with some nursery rhymes from the beloved Mother Goose collection!


More nursery rhymes here, as this one’s the original.


This exceptional board-book tells a beautiful and timeless story about a daughter’s attempt to find the limit of her mother’s love.


Love You Forever is a story about a mother’s continual love for her son as he goes through different stages in life. “I love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be. ” Definitely a favorite of ours!


This book is about a baby bird that embarks on a journey to find his mother after hatching form his egg. He goes from animal to animal to object to object and wonders if he’ll ever find his mother! Eventually, in the end, he is returned to his nest where he finds his mother.


A Chair for My Mother is a story about a family and their community working together to meet a need. Various acts of caring are shown in the book, it also shows how a mother sacrifices in order to provide for her child’s needs.


A mother rabbit tells of the lengths she will go to find her baby, who threatens to run away. Unconditional love at its finest!

I’m sure there are a lot more books out there discussing mothers and their unconditional love for their loved ones.

Have a wonderful week ahead! God bless!

Homeschooling is slowly being recognized here in the Philippines. A growing number of Filipino families now see the benefits and decide to take on the journey…just like we did.

So why did we decide to venture into homeschooling? Our reasons are fairly simple.

1. We want our kids to enjoy their childhood. 

Childhood has become a race nowadays. It seems as if children should keep up with what society demands from them. We don’t want our children to fall into the trap of following what society dictates they should be doing.



We don’t want to rush, we want to take it slow. We want our children to run and play and sing and dance and just do nothing. We will just let them be. We want them to just be kids and enjoy the gift of childhood.

2.  We like the freedom to choose what and when to teach our kids.

We like the freedom and flexibility homeschooling offers as this helps us customize learning to best suit our children’s interests and needs. We get to choose materials most suited to each of our kids learning styles and adjust lessons to match the child’s pace.



Don’t we all want our kids to develop a love for learning? We believe that the best way to achieve this is to let them learn what matters to them.   Learning with meaning, learning what matters. 

3. We want to nurture and develop healthy and closer relationships.

Homeschooling allows us the gift of time. The time to be present during their formative years. The time to share values and beliefs early on, guiding them in understanding right from wrong.

Time spent together learning and having fun is what we want our kids to remember when they grow old.  We want them to look back and know that their parents were always present in their lives.

Homeschooling has many other benefits, this for us are the top reasons that made us eventually jump in and tread on this road less traveled.

How about you? What are your reasons?