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a few pre-writing activities

t cut and paste

I saw this blue tape then decided to let the make cut-outs of the letter and paste it on our wall.


T is for triangle

T books

kuya's busy

sight word search

We used the books above to search for the sight words “the” and “to”. Whenever we read the sight word, we tally it on a board. My son even circled “the” because it’s the winner! This activity is great as my kids are now very familiar with the sight words we practices. I plan to continue doing these for the rest of the sight words.


Ended our lessons with these…

Had so much fun this week, hope we’d learn as much and enjoy as much for the coming weeks too!


We did a few activities for the letter M.

We started with the sandpaper letter then tracing it the sandbox.

My daughter always tags along with his brother. Here’s her attempt to trace the letter “m”. Her motor skills are slowly improving. No pressures from Mama, just glad she’s eager to learn.

I got this monkey printables from the web. Forgot where it’s from, I just googled it.

This is our main book. They did jump on the bed a lot, forgot to take pics though. This is a favorite especially by my daughter.

My daughter sorting the monkey’s by size.

We then had an activity of comparing the body parts they have to that of a monkey.

Monkey masks!

M is for mouse too1

My daughter helping us in making the M craft.

Here are the additional books we used.

IMG_4562 IMG_4563

IMG_4598 IMG_4569

Will also be posting the individual activities we did for each book on my next blog. God bless!