Been dealing with lots of issues lately that I just can’t find the drive to update this blog. Well, all is well now. Thank God!

Demands from work and raising kids made me doubt if I can really homeschool. I work from home, which is a good thing but then my mind just kept playing tricks on me, that I ended up enrolling my eldest in Kindergarten.

He is still enrolled with Homelife Academy and at the same time he attends public school.  For the past few months I’ve been assessing our situation and I’ve come to realize that my last minute change of plans actually did us a good thing.

First, my son got to compare homeschooling with attending a regular school.  He gets bored in school that he’s insisting on continuing homeschooling. What I do, is what some may call after-schooling, I just supplement and continue with our own homeschool lessons, which is miles ahead than what he does in school.

Second, I got to assess myself and abilities more. I’ve come to a conclusion that time management is key to  effective homeschooling. So as early as now I’ve been making a few drafts of how my work and homeschooling schedule would all be like and so far, everything really seems doable.

Third, I really got to see how learning happens in school. Just to be clear, I have such great respect for teachers, I used to be one.  It’s just that, with a class of 30 or more students, the teacher will , most likely, focus  more on meeting the goals for the day as stated in the lesson plan,  than really ensuring that each and every student learned.  And we all know that there’s  just no way everyone will learn or at least grasp what they’re supposed to learn by the time they’re supposed to learn it in school.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, for my son’s sake, I prefer individualized instruction over the standardized one.  I’d rather let him learn things in his own time and at a pace he’s most comfortable at.

And really, one major reason why I fell in love with homeschooling is because of the freedom and flexibility it offers when it comes to learning.

I also would like them to enjoy their childhood more without stressing too much about academics.  I just want my kids to love learning, not dread it. I want them to learn because it interests them, not because it required of them.

So,  can say that I’m back on track and more hopeful and positive than ever?

I think I can. I think I am.