My little girl is now showing signs that she’s ready for formal lessons. So aside from our daily read alouds, I’m now incorporating more structured lessons for the 3 R’s.

I don’t want to bombard her with textbooks, so our lesson are mostly still based on our read alouds.

Our first lesson was all about one’s self, like loving one’s name, uniqueness and identity.

Below are the books we’ve read to cover the topic.

1.  Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemum is a story about a young mouse who learned to love her name and appreciate her identity and uniqueness. It is just the perfect book for our lesson, so glad I found it on booksale!

2. A Color of his own







A color of His own is about a chameleon who felt sad that he doesn’t have his own color. The book has a message that true identity comes from personality, not appearance. It doesn’t matter what color you are or if you have a color at all but that you know who you are. We also tackled about how to deal with change and value friendships. Thanks to thelearningbasket for this book!


3. Madeline



Madeline oh Madeline, need I say more? They left the house at half past nine in two straight lines…my daughter is just in love with this book! I will be incorporating FIAR soon to help me  disect this book, thanks to a fellow homeschooling mom for selling  me the manual at a discounted rate!

And for our writing practice, I found this cheap wipe-clean workbook.



My daughter does writing when she feels like doing so, this way since the drive came from her,  the handwriting ends up looking nicer too.  🙂



So far we’ve discussed traits that she has, things she can do and can’t, stuffs she likes and hate, friend she has, traits of her friends, etc.  and now my daughter proudly says “I am unique” and “I love my name.”

She hasn’t let go of Madeline though, she sleeps embracing her. If you know what I mean.


Happy days! Happy homeschooling!