It’s almost a month since we officially started with our homeschooling journey, with my son being enrolled  in Kindergarten with Homelife Academy. My daughter, on the other hand is just doing preschool.

Reading, writing and arithmetic has been the main focus of our lessons. Alongside Bible and character training, arts and music. I’ve been teaching him about vowel and consonant sounds, practicing beginning and ending sound recognition.  Beginning sounds were easy for him, while  it took him longer to understand and distinguish ending sounds.  As of this writing though,  he’s mastered it pretty well.


I then went back and tried to teach him using 100 easy lessons, hoping he’ll enjoy it better this time..and oh he did! We’re now on lesson 31 and I can say this book has helped him a lot in improving his reading skills.

With math, we just review his knowledge on basic math concepts through play.

DSC01539                        DSC01526

With writing, since my printer broke down, we used Kumon workbooks, which he’s already completed. He now does simple writing exercises in his writing  notebook, only when he feels like it.

So far so good. I did notice though, that there are times that he’s attitude towards learning is not very good. He complains and would read or write with frustration that it really shows on his face, his actions, or even by the tone of his voice.

This got me to re-think how I’ve been approaching our lessons lately. I might have been too pushy, trying too hard to get the lesson or topic done for the day. I guess, being a teacher once, I haven’t completely removed the concept of how traditional school is like, and I have unconsciously  applied it in our homeschool.

This isn’t what I want our homeschool to be. I would not want to kill my sons natural curiosity about things and his intrinsic desire to learn. So I decided, to slow down, breathe and re-evaluate everything and come with ways on how I could make things better.

Then I came across a few blogs about unschooling and I just fell in love with it. Some call it delight-directed I guess. It just makes a lot of sense to me. Instead of me deciding on what my child want to learn, I’ll let him decide and my role would then be to support and provide opportunities for him to delve into a certain topic of interest.  I’ll maybe just try to incorporate lessons on language, math or science whenever  appropriate. Sort of a unit study approach too.

A walk in the neighborhood...

So now, I can say I’ve grown a little wiser as a homeschooling mom. I learned that this homeschooling journey is all about TRUST. Trusting my children and allowing them the freedom to pursue whatever it is they are interested about and make it fun!

Letter D Fun!

I learned that my role is to SUPPORT them and LOVE them no matter what.

In this way, I believe I’ll achieve my goal of developing life long learners.

I’ll also get to accomplish one of the reasons why I chose to homeschool them in the first place, and that is to give them the chance to enjoy their childhood and just be kids, at the same time nurture and develop meaningful, loving relationships with them.

A walk in the neighborhood...