It’s summer break here in the Philippines and it’s the time of the year where kids and parents get their much needed break from all the “school stuff”. Some go on vacations here and abroad or simply stay at home and rest. Others opt to enroll in summer classes, so as to make summer productive still.

In my case, I”ve been very busy lately with all the preparations for our very first year of homeschooling. We are officially enrolled! My son will be in Kindergarten for the school year 2013-2014 and we enrolled with Homelife Academy and we will be homeschooling year round!

We’re sort of Eclectic  with a lot of inspiration from Charlotte Mason especially when it comes to keeping lessons short during the early years.  For now my focus is just on learning the 3 R’s : Reading, Writing and Arithmetic along with character development. Obedience must be instilled early on so as for the rest of our homeschooling years to be a breeze. But we also do art and music and lots of reading and play!

Here are some of the materials I’ve gathered so far.

For Kindergarten:


This one I got from a very kind homeschooling mom, thanks Mommy Chris! She blogs over at

DSC02649     DSC02624

                 DSC02627              DSC02633

                  DSC02634                DSC02635 

 DSC02636          DSC02638


For our read alouds- Thanks Meme!

For my preschooler:

DSC00987    DSC02632

   DSC02640   DSC02642  Letter Review

Additional materials:

DSC02628   DSC01437

DSC02630  DSC01200

DSC02643  DSC02644

DSC02645  Letter Review

Letter Review   Letter Review

Letter Review    DSC02646  DSC02647

I’m now busy making lesson plans, but I realize planning weeks in advance doesn’t work for me. There was a time that my son finished all the math lessons for the week in just one day, and that’s just because he’s interested to do and learn everything! So what I now do is I just make an outline of lessons or skills that needs to be covered for the semester and I do adjustments whenever it seems necessary or as our lessons progress. Makes things a lot easier actually.

I am also planning to purchase Early Bird’s Singapore Math but I haven’t had the chance to go buy it yet. I figured I’ll just use what we have for now and buy it once were done with the current Math book we have.

We just started this month and we don’t have any fixed schedule as of now, there are times that we learn in the mornings, in the afternoons or even in the evenings. Just at anytime or place where the kids have the desire and eagerness to learn. I find it so much better to teach them if they are in a good mood, and we do get to cover more if the interest is there!

Flexibility. Just one of the many things I love about homeschooling!

God bless everyone!