Parents, especially mothers, seem to obsess about capturing their children’s magical moments. Who wouldn’t right?

Most moms take lots of pictures and create scrapbooks. I’d love to make one too, problem is, I’m not that creative. But I’ll definitely make one too, someday.

So what does a not-so-artsy Mama do then? I write letters. I write letters to each of my children.

I started with making actual letters (with envelopes) yearly, on their birthdays. I then realized that the letters may be lost or worse, I may not be able to remember all that transpired during that specific year. I might miss some.


With this in mind, I decided to write everything in a journal. This way, I’ll get to write anything, anytime.

I write about their funny quotes and questions, their milestones and achievements. I write about things that happened to them or things they have done, be it good or bad. I just add a few pictures here and there.

I write about anything worth remembering.

I plan on handing over the journals to them on their wedding day or whenever I feel appropriate. By then, the journals would be simple reminders of how I treasured every moment I had with them and hopefully they’ll forever be reminded too, of just how much I love them…