Here are some of what we did this love month. ..

My printer broke down so I used my not so beautiful handwriting to make wall cards for the  days of the week. I go over the days with my kids using the one below as their visual guide and in less than an hour, my son memorized it! How did he do it? Well, he sort of attached a tune to the days as he recited them. It was just his idea,  I just heard him singing the days of the week all of a sudden! My,  I didn’t even know he was interested to learn them!

We had been reading a simple phonics reader I got from Toys R Us which focuses on the short a sound.  He can finish the entire reader now. So happy!

I also let him read words in the AT family, and he can read them all now plus a few sight words too.

I think I finally found our groove. We just try to do a few simple activities each day and do so consistently and by the end of the week, we’ve accomplished a lot.


My kids have been sick lately so we just cuddled up and read most of the time, but since it’s the month of love, we also did a few hearty crafts.

heart car

Got this idea from littlefamilyfun.

heart collage

This one’s my idea 🙂

My little girl playing with boy toys.

heart track

This and many more easy crafts can also be found here.

Love love love everyone!