I learned to ride a bike when I was 12. I know, a bit late haha. I just didn’t seem to have an interest in it back then nor did I see a need for it. Well the opposite is the case with my eldest, he’s a boy to start with. I think it’s common for boys to be fond with things that roll and have wheels. Aside from cars and trains, my eldest also loves bikes.

He had his bike on his 3rd birthday. He rides it whenever he can but just a few days ago he expressed his desire to have the training wheels removed. So then my husband obliged.

So then last Monday afternoon my husband assisted him and taught him how to balance and all. And come Tuesday morning, I woke up seeing my eldest biking already, training wheels gone and my, he’s just 4! I’m just amazed at how focused and driven he is to learn the skill. If you really want something, you’ll achieve it as long as you put your heart into it- even if you’re as young as 4!

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken and I’m just so happy to see him glowing with glee with the new skill he learned!




Papa helping him out…




You can do it baby!


Her sister riding with her training wheels still… she’s just 3 and she prefers go-karts 🙂


Beaming with joy!

I love love childhood! Trying my best to enjoy these moments as they’ll soon be gone… God bless!