So much for 2012. We moved 5 times. I landed my first ever work at home jobs where I get to choose the hours I want to work. Had the gift of bringing another life into this world with the birth of my third child. Experienced loss with the unexpected death of my Father.

I was caught off guard. I had to think straight ans not let my emotions eat me out. I had people depending on me. The pain and anger I kept inside was excruciating, but even If I give in to my emotions, nothing will really happen. The fact remains: my “Papa’s” gone.

It was a test of faith, really. I somehow managed to go through it all because I chose to believe in his plans. He chose to end my Father’s sufferings on a very special day: Christmas. My father won’t be forgotten but will always be remembered. As I celebrate the next Christmases to come, I’ll  know in my heart that my father is now living in peace in God’s kingdom.

This experience opened my eyes to how precious life is. It’s a gift. Let us also not let anyone else run our lives for us. Let’s live our lives not impressing others, but instead impressing ourselves and the Lord. Let’s find our own definition of happiness.

Once we’ve found the way of life we want to live, let’s pray to be able to sustain the courage needed to live it.

We only have one life to live, let’s not waste it. We better live it in a way that’s pleasing to God.

Here’s to great blessings and a more meaningful new year!