Been a while since my last post. Been busy with family gatherings, which I oh so love! On the other hand, I decided to stop using the progressive phonics reader which introduces the “b” sound.


My son is confused with which sounds “b” and “d”. I mean, he knows the sounds for the letter B and D, but he can’t visually determine which makes what sound if the letters presented are the lowercase b and d. It really stresses me a lot that I end up shouting…which is really bad! And I feel guilty and irresponsible and inconsiderate and insensitive! Ugh! A lot of negative emotions. My son deserves better and I’ve apologized for how I acted.
So instead of going through the readers, I decided to turn it into a game.



Our pet dog joined in the fun too!

My son still needs constant practice with these, so I commit to helping him overcome his confusion by doing simple exercises or activities at least everyday. My daughter will definitely tag along too for whatever her brother is learning, she wants to learn too!

On the other hand, below are 2 new books I bought second hand from a fellow homeschoooling mom. I am now using “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” to help my child develop his reading skills. And I think it’s working well so far. We only do at in about 15- 20 mins a day. It taught my son to blend letter sounds better and he thinks it’s fun. It’s definitely easier with this. So hopefully as we go trhough it my son will eventually learn to read.




This other book is a great resource of activities and ideas for homeschooling. Haven’t actually applied anything yet, but I will soon do of course.

So glad to have found these books, thanks for this “Meme”!