My kids know the letters and their corresponding sounds.  Right now I’m starting to teach them how to blend sounds together. To do this we use letter magnets,  booklets, sandpaper letters, a sandbox and play dough for hand motor development.  I throw in the traditional workbook once in a while, but if they want to stop using it, then we stop.  I’m still on the lookout for mini toys to match each letter sound though.

Here are some of what we did:

My daughter’s arranging the uppercase letters.

My son matches the uppercase with the lowercase counterpart.

Our mini sound box. I use this ti play the “I Spy” game for beginning sounds.

Of course, the favorite is “D” for dinaosaur.

Our itsy bitsy books which i got here.

DIY sandpaper letters.

My son is confused with this two.

Sandpaper tracing.

Tried to practice writing here in the sandbox…

but it’s too small… and my daughter had an “accident” with it…

resulting to this!

No fuss… let’s just switch to another box.


My daughter’s right-handed…

my son’s left-handed.

Some workbook exercises.

Trying her best to sharpen her pencil!

Love play dough!

Pizza time!

I wonder what flavor this is!

We only have red, blue, white and yellow play dough. So they asked Mama to help them in creating the colors pink, violet, green and orange. Voila! An instant lesson about colors! I just love how simple play can ignite children’s curiosities!

Shapes review!

I feel that we’ve accomplished so much today! If I really just let my kids be and follow their lead, we can cover a lot of lessons without me getting too stressed! Lesson learned!