My kids are aged 3 and 4. Initially I planned on enrolling them in private preschools in our area. So I scouted for the one that I think would be the best school for my kids. When I finally found the “one” they had my kids assessed. I was informed by the teacher that they mostly know the things or lessons being taught in Kindergarten. I was very happy of course! But then the teacher told me that despite that my kids would still need to be enrolled in junior and senior nursery!

I began to stop and think for a while. I browsed through the topics to be discusses for the entire school year, and true enough, most if not all were already learned by my children through my teaching.

It’s sad to know that my kids would need to be confined on nursery still just because that’s their age group. So with this realization,  I decided to not enroll my kids for now and just continue what we are doing:  learning together while having fun!

So now we’re doing simple phonics, lots of reading, activities and play. I’ve searched the web for free materials too and here are some of my favorites.

1. Montessori Sandpaper letters. I found this idea here.

2. Progressive phonics. It’s a free phonics curriculum that has printable worksheets and readers you can download.

3. Montessori cards and printables for sound recognition via The Helpful Garden. This blog offers a lot of free montessori material and it’s just oh so generous of her!

4. Itsy Bitsy Books. These are mini booklets for with pictures and words related to the letter being discussed. Sadly though,the collection is only on consonants.

Of course I also use worksheets and other free printables available online but so far these are my favorites! Please feel free to share your resources too!