I never knew anything about homeschooling, until I became a mother.  I’ve read and researched about it and I found myself liking the idea. I then searched about homeschool provider here in the Philippines. I’ve attended seminars and even joined homeschool groups. After all the reading I just totally fell in love with it.

Well I have’t enrolled my kids yet as they are all under the age of 5. I’m more of homeschooling preschool independently, after all one doesn’t need an actual curriculum yet.Plus there are a lot of free resources online.

So I just follow my child’ s lead. Delight directed as what they call it. We just do basic phonics , activities and crafts. I also make sure that we get to read a book everyday. I use  a little  montessori   materials and methods, a few workbooks, and a lot play. I want my kids to just enjoy being kids. After all kids learn best when they are playing and are interested in what they’re doing. So if I see a teachable moment, I pitch in some lessons as they play. No pressure, just play based learning.

And so far we’re doing good. My son will turn 5 next year so I’m finalizing some details . I am choosing between The Master’s Academy Homeschool (TMA), School of Tomorrow , Kolbe or Seton. I’ve also told my family and relatives of our intention to homeschool, and have received mixed responses. I’m still weighing the pro’s and cons and praying for God’s guidance on this.

One thing I know for sure: I will homeschool my kids. The benefits we’ll get as a family by doing so is just too many to mention. I’ll try to make a list on such, but then that’ll be on another post.

God bless!